Honors & Awards

  • Academic Scholarship with Distinction, Christ Church, University of Oxford (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)
  • William Gurney Prize, Christ Church, University of Oxford (2015)
  • Christ Church Grant, Christ Church, University of Oxford (2014)
  • All-UAE rank 1, All-India rank 3038 (IIT-JEE), Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Exams (2012)
  • All-India rank 3156 (AIEEE), All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) (2012)

Professional Affiliations and Activities

  • Analysis Contact; H->aa, a->gg/yy, ATLAS (2019 - Present)

Education & Certifications

  • MPhys, University of Oxford, Physics, specializing in Particle and Theoretical Physics (2016)
  • AISSCE, The Indian High School, Dubai, U.A.E, All India Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (2012)
  • AISSE, The Indian High School, Dubai, U.A.E., All India Secondary School Examination (2010)

Stanford Advisors

Current Research and Scholarly Interests

Incorporating novel techniques from ML and AI, we're aiming to improve the performance of the ATLAS detector at the LHC. Improvements in both offline analysis of data, and online processing of data in real time as it is being collected.

Studying exotic decay modes of the Higgs boson to better understand its properties as well as uncover BSM Physics.

Designing Light Field Imaging scheme for cold atom interferometers. Applications include trapped ion / neutral atom Quantum architectures

Lab Affiliations

Work Experience

  • Research Intern, CLIC, CLIC/ Oxford - CERN (6/1/2015 - 8/1/2015)

    Used MATLAB to analyze the performance of the Phase Feed Forward system currently in place at the CTF3


    CERN, Route de Meyrin, 1211 Genève, Switzerland

  • International Students' Officer, ChCh JCR, Christ Church, Oxford (10/1/2014 - 6/1/2015)

    Looked after the welfare of the international students at the college
    Represented international students in the Oxford University Student Union (OUSU) International Students' Campaign
    Organized and hosted Christ Church College’s first ever International Students' Dinner


    Oxford OX1 1DP UK

  • Research Intern, OALP, Oxford Atomic and Laser Physics (8/1/2014 - 10/1/2014)

    Investigated the possibility of implementing a laser locking PID regulator based in C++ using an Arduino Due board


    Oxford OX1 3PU, UK

  • Research Intern, LHCb, LHCb/ Oxford - CERN (8/1/2013 - 10/1/2013)

    Used ROOT (a C++ dialect created by CERN) to analyze LHCb data and hunt for Central Exclusive Production events


    Oxford OX1 3RH, UK

All Publications

  • Matter-wave Atomic Gradiometer Interferometric Sensor (MAGIS-100) QUANTUM SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Abe, M., Adamson, P., Borcean, M., Bortoletto, D., Bridges, K., Carman, S. P., Chattopadhyay, S., Coleman, J., Curfman, N. M., DeRose, K., Deshpande, T., Dimopoulos, S., Foot, C. J., Frisch, J. C., Garber, B. E., Geer, S., Gibson, V., Glick, J., Graham, P. W., Hahn, S. R., Harnik, R., Hawkins, L., Hindley, S., Hogan, J. M., Jiang, Y., Kasevich, M. A., Kellett, R. J., Kiburg, M., Kovachy, T., Lykken, J. D., March-Russell, J., Mitchell, J., Murphy, M., Nantel, M., Nobrega, L. E., Plunkett, R. K., Rajendran, S., Rudolph, J., Sachdeva, N., Safdari, M., Santucci, J. K., Schwartzman, A. G., Shipsey, I., Swan, H., Valerio, L. R., Vasonis, A., Wang, Y., Wilkason, T. 2021; 6 (4)
  • Parametrizing the detector response with neural networks Journal of Instrumentation Cheong, S., Cukierman, A., Nachman, B., Safdari, M., Schwartzman, A. 2020; 15: P01030--P01030
  • Simultaneous Jet Energy and Mass Calibrations with Neural Networks ATLAS, C. ATLAS Collaboration. CERN. 2020 (ATL-PHYS-PUB-2020-001):
  • Primary Vertex Selection in VBF Higgs to Invisibles at the HL-LHC with the ATLAS Experiment Connecting the Dots and Workshop on Intelligent Trackers (CTD/WIT 2019) Safdari, M. 2019