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  • Experimental study of electromagnetic wave scattering from a gyrotropic gaseous plasma column APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS Houriez, L. S., Bernety, H., Rodriguez, J. A., Wang, B., Cappelli, M. A. 2022; 120 (22)

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  • Inverse Design of Plasma Metamaterial Devices for Optical Computing PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED Rodriguez, J. A., Abdalla, A. I., Wang, B., Lou, B., Fan, S., Cappelli, M. A. 2021; 16 (1)
  • Reconfigurable plasma-dielectric hybrid photonic crystal as a platform for electromagnetic wave manipulation and computing PHYSICS OF PLASMAS Wang, B., Rodriguez, J. A., Miller, O., Cappelli, M. A. 2021; 28 (4)

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  • Dual-polarization Dirac cones in a simple 2D square lattice photonic crystal OPTICS LETTERS Rodriguez, J. A., Wang, B., Cappelli, M. A. 2020; 45 (9): 2486–89


    We report on dual-polarization Dirac cones in a simple square lattice two-dimensional (2D) photonic crystal (PC) based on transmission at accidental degeneracies centered at the $k = {0}$k=0 symmetry ($ \Gamma $Γ) point. Finite difference time domain simulations are used to identify the material and geometric parameters for Dirac-like dispersion. A configuration that produces a Dirac-like point for both transverse electric and transverse magnetic polarizations at the same frequency is presented. The PC dispersion shows the expected threefold degenerate linear branch crossings at the Dirac-like point. Full-field electromagnetic wave simulations exhibit some common behaviors of devices based on Dirac-like dispersion, such as cloaking and waveguiding. The configuration works for a considerable range of the parameter space, and thus is experimentally realizable with a wide range of materials.

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  • 3D woodpile structure tunable plasma photonic crystal PLASMA SOURCES SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Wang, B., Rodriguez, J. A., Cappelli, M. A. 2019; 28 (2)