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  • RAMBO: Resource Allocation for Microservices Using Bayesian Optimization IEEE COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE LETTERS Li, Q., Li, B., Mercati, P., Illikkal, R., Tai, C., Kishinevsky, M., Kozyrakis, C. 2021; 20 (1): 46–49
  • INFaaS: Automated Model-less Inference Serving Romero, F., Li, Q., Yadwadkar, N. J., Kozyrakis, C., USENIX ASSOC USENIX ASSOC. 2021: 397-411
  • A Case for Managed and Model-less Inference Serving Yadwadkar, N. J., Romero, F., Li, Q., Kozyrakis, C., ACM ASSOC COMPUTING MACHINERY. 2019: 184–91
  • From Laptop to Lambda: Outsourcing Everyday Jobs to Thousands of Transient Functional Containers Fouladi, S., Romero, F., Iter, D., Li, Q., Chatterjee, S., Kozyrakis, C., Zaharia, M., Winstein, K., USENIX Assoc USENIX ASSOC. 2019: 475–88
  • Exploiting Sparsity to Accelerate Fully Connected Layers of CNN-Based Applications on Mobile SoCs ACM TRANSACTIONS ON EMBEDDED COMPUTING SYSTEMS Xie, X., Du, D., Li, Q., Liang, Y., Tang, W., Ong, Z., Lu, M., Huynh Phung Huynh, Goh, R. 2018; 17 (2)

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  • Arachne: Core-Aware Thread Management Proceedings of the 13th USENIX Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI 18) Qin, H., Li, Q., Speiser, J., Kraft, P., Ousterhout, J. 2018
  • Enabling High Performance Deep Learning Networks on Embedded Systems Li, Q., Xiao, Q., Liang, Y., IEEE IEEE. 2017: 8405–10

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  • Learning from the Ubiquitous Language: an Empirical Analysis of Emoji Usage of Smartphone Users Lu, X., Ai, W., Liu, X., Li, Q., Wang, N., Huang, G., Mei, Q., Assoc Comp Machinery ASSOC COMPUTING MACHINERY. 2016: 770–80