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  • Microparticle transport along a planar electrode array using moving dielectrophoresis. Journal of applied physics Zaman, M. A., Padhy, P., Ren, W., Wu, M., Hesselink, L. 2021; 130 (3): 034902


    We present a device that can achieve controlled transport of colloidal microparticles using an array of micro-electrodes. By exciting the micro-electrodes in regular sequence with an AC voltage, a time-varying moving dielectrophoretic force-field is created. This force propels colloidal microparticles along the electrode array. Using this method, we demonstrate bidirectional transport of polystyrene micro-spheres. Electromagnetic simulation of the device is performed, and the dielectrophoretic force profile around the electrode array is mapped. We develop a Brownian dynamics model of the trajectory of a particle under the influence of the time-varying force-field. Numerical and experimental results showing controlled particle transport are presented. The numerical model is found to be in good agreement with experimental data. The developed numerical framework can be useful in designing and modeling lab-on-a-chip devices that employ external non-contact forces for micro-/nanoparticle manipulation.

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