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  • Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering Study of Electron-Exciton Coupling in High-T-c Cuprates PHYSICAL REVIEW X Barantani, F., Tran, M. K., Madan, I., Kapon, I., Bachar, N., Asmara, T. C., Paris, E., Tseng, Y., Zhang, W., Hu, Y., Giannini, E., Gu, G., Devereaux, T. P., Berthod, C., Carbone, F., Schmitt, T., van der Marel, D. 2022; 12 (2)
  • On the Nature of Valence Charge and Spin Excitations via Multi-Orbital Hubbard Models for Infinite-Layer Nickelates FRONTIERS IN PHYSICS Been, E. M., Hsu, K. H., Hu, Y., Moritz, B., Cui, Y., Jia, C., Devereaux, T. P. 2022; 10