Steve is a research affiliate with the Stanford Center for Carbon Storage (SCCS). In the Stanford SCCS he is collaborating with Sally Benson's group on development of site selection criteria and risking/ranking methods to improve identification and assessment of potential geologic carbon dioxide storage sites.

Steve has more than 22 years experience at Exxon Mobil in the geosciences. While at Exxon Mobil Steve's research and applications spanned a wide spectrum of disciplines including fault and top seal analysis (as the corporate discipline expert), geologic and engineering risking methodologies, technical software development, seismic structural interpretation techniques and workflows, and pore-scale capillary processes in tight reservoirs. During his time at Exxon Mobil Steve was involved in multiple cross-disciplinary geoscience and engineering research collaboratives with universities and government research organizations.

Prior to his time at Exxon Mobil Steve spent more than 5 years in the geotechnical engineering field. In this role Steve was responsible for designing and completing geotechnical engineering testing and analysis programs on an extremely broad range of construction projects. His work spanned everything from field evaluation to rock and soil mechanics to engineering analysis to design recommendations.

Steve holds a PhD from the U. of California, Davis (structural geology and tectonics), an MS from the U. of Montana, and a BS from U. of California, Santa Cruz. Steve has published his work in a wide range of peer-reviewed geoscience and engineering journals with topics including structural analysis, tectonics, pore-scale capillary flow modeling, basin modeling, natural rock fractures, and fault seal analysis.