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  • Updates on Model Hierarchies for Understanding and Simulating the Climate System: A Focus on Data-Informed Methods and Climate Change Impacts JOURNAL OF ADVANCES IN MODELING EARTH SYSTEMS Mansfield, L. A., Gupta, A., Burnett, A. C., Green, B., Wilka, C., Sheshadri, A. 2023; 15 (10)
  • A Method for Estimating Global Subgrid-Scale Orographic Gravity-Wave Temperature Perturbations in Chemistry-Climate Models JOURNAL OF ADVANCES IN MODELING EARTH SYSTEMS Weimer, M., Wilka, C., Kinnison, D. E., Garcia, R. R., Bacmeister, J. T., Alexander, M. J., Doernbrack, A., Solomon, S. 2023; 15 (9)
  • Effects of denitrification on the distributions of trace gas abundances in the polar regions: a comparison of WACCM with observations ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS Weimer, M., Kinnison, D. E., Wilka, C., Solomon, S. 2023; 23 (12): 6849-6861
  • Atmospheric Chemistry Signatures of an Equatorially Symmetric Matsuno-Gill Circulation Pattern JOURNAL OF THE ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES Wilka, C., Solomon, S., Cronin, T. W., Kinnison, D., Garcia, R. 2021; 78 (1): 107-116