Stanford Advisors

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  • Important Object Identification with Semi-Supervised Learning for Autonomous Driving Li, J., Gang, H., Ma, H., Tomizuka, M., Choi, C., IEEE IEEE. 2022: 2913-2919
  • Multi-Objective Diverse Human Motion Prediction with Knowledge Distillation Ma, H., Li, J., Hosseini, R., Tomizuka, M., Choi, C., IEEE COMP SOC IEEE COMPUTER SOC. 2022: 8151-8161
  • Dynamics-aware spatiotemporal occupancy prediction in urban environments IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) Toyungyernsub, M., Yel, E., Li, J., Kochenderfer, M. J. 2022
  • Grouptron: Dynamic Multi-Scale Graph Convolutional Networks for Group-Aware Dense Crowd Trajectory Forecasting Zhou, R., Zhou, H., Gao, H., Tomizuka, M., Li, J., Xu, Z., IEEE IEEE. 2022
  • Reinforcement learning for autonomous driving with latent state inference and spatial-temporal relationships IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) Ma, X., Li, J., Kochenderfer, M. J., Isele, D., Fujimura, K. 2021