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  • Catalytic Role of Multinuclear Palladium-Oxygen Intermediates in Aerobic Oxidation Followed by Hydrogen Peroxide Disproportionation JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Ingram, A. J., Walker, K. L., Zare, R. N., Waymouth, R. M. 2015; 137 (42): 13632-13646
  • Retaining the Activity of Enzymes and Fluorophores Attached to Graphene Oxide CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS Sun, C., Walker, K. L., Wakefield, D. L., Dichtel, W. R. 2015; 27 (12): 4499-4504
  • Regioselective Asao-Yamamoto Benzannulations of Diaryl Acetylenes ORGANIC LETTERS Arslan, H., Walker, K. L., Dichtel, W. R. 2014; 16 (22): 5926-5929


    Asao-Yamamoto benzannulations transform diarylalkynes into 2,3-diarylnaphthalenes, and regioselective variants of this reaction are of interest for synthesizing substituted polycyclic aromatic systems. It is shown that regioselective cycloadditions occur when one alkyne carbon preferentially stabilizes developing positive charge. Simple calculations of the relative energies of carbocations localized at each alkyne carbon of a substrate predict the regioselectivity, which is not eroded by bulky substituents, including 2,6-disubstituted aryl groups.

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