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  • Wide-Field Optical Microscopy of Microwave Fields Using Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Diamonds Advanced Optical Materials Shao, L., Liu, R., Zhang, M., Shneidman, A. V., Audier, X., Markham, M., Dhillon, H., Twitchen, D. J., Xiao, Y., Loncar, M. 2016; 4 (7): 1075–1080

    View details for DOI 10.1002/201600039

  • Enhanced Raman scattering of single nanoparticles in a high- Q whispering-gallery microresonator PHYSICAL REVIEW A Liu, R., Jin, W., Yu, X., Liu, Y., Xiao, Y. 2015; 91 (4)
  • Cooling mechanical resonators to the quantum ground state from room temperature PHYSICAL REVIEW A Liu, Y., Liu, R., Dong, C., Li, Y., Gong, Q., Xiao, Y. 2015; 91 (1)