Maiken Bruhis joined Stanford University as the Assistant Director of the Office of Science Outreach in January 2016. Previously, she worked as Assistant Director, Career Programs and Strategic Initiatives at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Before coming to Stanford, Maiken served as Education Manager for NOVA, the PBS science television series, managing national STEM education & outreach projects.

Current Role at Stanford

Assistant Director, Office of Science Outreach

The Office of Science Outreach (OSO) encourages and assists Stanford faculty and graduate students to engage in science outreach -- organized activities targeted at our nation's youth, school teachers, and general public that will increase their interest, understanding, and involvement in math, science, and engineering. These activities can be part of a Principal Investigator's Broader Impacts initiatives. We help PIs create outreach project ideas and proposals, identifying potential partners for them (both within Stanford as well as K-14 schools, science museums, etc), and facilitating information and resource sharing among all of the University's science outreach programs. In addition, the OSO directs several programs in which Stanford faculty and their students can participate. These include:

- An 8-week summer research fellowship program for science teachers
- RISE, a 7-week summer internship program for high school students
- Events and programs for undergraduates from other colleges to learn about research in Stanford labs
- Visits to the Stanford campus by K-12 student groups
- Participation in the Bay Area Science Festival

Education & Certifications

  • MA, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Technology, Innovation, & Education
  • BA, University of California, Berkeley, Psychology