Aakash Ahamed is a PhD student in Rosemary Knight's Environmental Geophysics group. Aakash is interested in developing scientific methods and software for remote sensing applications in hydrology and agriculture. He has worked as a support scientist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and as a Remote Sensing analyst at a successful Silicon Valley start up. Aakash holds a M.Sc. from Boston College (full scholarship) and a B.S. (with honors) from Franklin & Marshall College.

All Publications

  • A MODIS-based automated flood monitoring system for southeast asia International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation Ahamed, A., Boltenb, J. D. 2017; 61: 104 - 117
  • Near Real Time Flood Monitoring and Impact Assessment Systems Remote Sensing of Hydrological Extremes Ahamed, A., Bolten, J. D., Doyle, C., Fayne, J. Springer. 2017: 105–118
  • Optical and Physical Methods for Mapping Flooding with Satellite Imagery In Remote Sensing of Hydrological Extremes Fayne, J., Lakshmi, V., Bolten, J., Ahamed, A. Springer. 2017: 83–103