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  • Trust But Verify: A Distributed Algorithm for Multi-Robot Wireframe Exploration and Mapping Caccavale, A., Mac Schwager, IEEE IEEE. 2019: 3294–3301
  • Wireframe Mapping for Resource-Constrained Robots Caccavale, A., Schwager, M., Kosecka, J., Maciejewski, A. A., Okamura, A., Bicchi, A., Stachniss, C., Song, D. Z., Lee, D. H., Chaumette, F., Ding, H., Li, J. S., Wen, J., Roberts, J., Masamune, K., Chong, N. Y., Amato, N., Tsagwarakis, N., Rocco, P., Asfour, T., Chung, W. K., Yasuyoshi, Y., Sun, Y., Maciekeski, T., Althoefer, K., AndradeCetto, J., Chung, W. K., Demircan, E., Dias, J., Fraisse, P., Gross, R., Harada, H., Hasegawa, Y., Hayashibe, M., Kiguchi, K., Kim, K., Kroeger, T., Li, Y., Ma, S., Mochiyama, H., Monje, C. A., Rekleitis, Roberts, R., Stulp, F., Tsai, C. H., Zollo, L. IEEE. 2018: 8658–65