I am a research geophysicist working in the Environmental Geophysics group at the Department of Geophysics, Stanford University. My research activities in the field of Near Surface Geophysics have focused on the development and application of geophysical methods for subsurface imaging. Specifically, I have been working on the development and application of electromagnetic (EM) methods including time-domain EM, TEM (airborne, ground-based, towed) and nuclear magnetic resonance, NMR (Surface/ Borehole/Laboratory).

I have worked on subsurface characterizations using airborne-EM geophysics for large-scale mapping, surface geophysics for site characterizations, tow-TEM for high-resolution 3D imaging of the subsurface as well as logging and laboratory experiments. Most of my research activities have aimed to efficiently map and analyze groundwater systems. I have worked in different international research projects and have conducted numerous geophysical field campaigns worldwide and analyzed different airborne, ground-based, logging and laboratory data.

In California, I have been working on aquifer characterization in the Indian Wells Valley to assess fresh and brackish portions of this geologically complex groundwater system. This project aims to develop a template for an optimal workflow that would use airborne EM data as the foundation for the development of hydrogeologic conceptual models. Moreover, I led a research project recently in Tulare, CA to evaluate potential recharge basins as well as the suitability of on-farm recharge sites using a recently developed towed TEM system that is specifically designed for 3-D high-resolution imaging of the upper 50-80 m of the subsurface.

My research in the field of NMR has focused recently on integration of the NMR data at multiple scales and also on determination of capillary- and clay-bound water cutoffs and effect of clay distribution on the NMR data. Finally, I have been working recently as a partner on an international project that focuses on the use of airborne EM methods for large-sclae mapping of peat lands in Indonesia.