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  • GTI: Learning to Generalize Across Long-Horizon Tasks from Human Demonstrations Mandlekar, A., Xu, D., Martin-Martin, R., Savarese, S., Li Fei-Fei, Toussaint, M., Bicchi, A., Hermans, T. MIT PRESS. 2020
  • Scaling Robot Supervision to Hundreds of Hours with RoboTurk: Robotic Manipulation Dataset through Human Reasoning and Dexterity Mandlekar, A., Booher, J., Spero, M., Tung, A., Gupta, A., Zhu, Y., Garg, A., Savarese, S., Li Fei-Fei, IEEE IEEE. 2019: 1048–55
  • Multi-dimensional optimization of a terawatt seeded tapered Free Electron Laser with a Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm NUCLEAR INSTRUMENTS & METHODS IN PHYSICS RESEARCH SECTION A-ACCELERATORS SPECTROMETERS DETECTORS AND ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT Wu, J., Hu, N., Setiawan, H., Huang, X., Raubenheimer, T. O., Jiao, Y., Yu, G., Mandlekar, A., Spampinati, S., Fang, K., Chu, C., Qiang, J. 2017; 846: 56-63
  • Adversarially Robust Policy Learning: Active Construction of Physically-Plausible Perturbations Mandlekar, A., Zhu, Y., Garg, A., Li Fei-Fei, Savarese, S., Bicchi, A., Okamura, A. IEEE. 2017: 3932–39