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  • Standards and Protocols for Data Acquisition and Reporting for Studies of the Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide ACS CATALYSIS Clark, E. L., Resasco, J., Landers, A., Lin, J., Chung, L., Walton, A., Hahn, C., Jaramillo, T. F., Bell, A. T. 2018; 8 (7): 6560–70
  • The Predominance of Hydrogen Evolution on Transition Metal Sulfides and Phosphides under CO2 Reduction Conditions: An Experimental and Theoretical Study ACS ENERGY LETTERS Landers, A. T., Fields, M., Torelli, D. A., Xiao, J., Hellstern, T. R., Francis, S. A., Tsai, C., Kibsgaard, J., Lewis, N. S., Chan, K., Hahn, C., Jaramillo, T. F. 2018; 3 (6): 1450–57