Course Assistant and Master's Candidate (Spring '20) in Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford. My research interests include optoelectronics, flexible functional materials, thermoelectrics, and energy-efficient materials. I can be reached at for further inquiries and possibilities to collaborate on research and/or creative endeavors. I also tutor a variety of topics including, but not limited to Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Spanish, English, and SAT/ACT/GRE prep.

Honors & Awards

  • Full Banneker/Key Recipient, University of Maryland - College Park (2014-2018)

Education & Certifications

  • B.S., University of Maryland - College Park, Materials Science and Engineering (2018)

Personal Interests

Music (Saxophone, Piano, Accordion)


  • Designing a Double Pane Transparent Wood Window, University of Maryland (8/31/2017 - 5/18/2018)

    Led a team of five materials scientists to design a novel double pane transparent wood window. The project aimed to transition the laboratory technology to a market product by combining transparent wood with both high and low (optical) haze. Specifically, we improved upon performance (optical, thermal, mechanical) of current glass windows on the market, identified and confirmed property trends with grain orientation and thickness, minimized overall thermal conductivity, maximized overall optical transmission, and discovered how wood size and orientation affects material properties.


    College Park, MD

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Work Experience

  • Tutor, Wiseguy (8/31/2014 - 5/21/2018)

    Tutored college students in mathematics and science courses (also privately tutored high school students).


    College Park, MD