Honors & Awards

  • Onassis Foundation Scholarship Recipient, Onassis Foundation (07/23/2021)

Education & Certifications

  • Undergraduate, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Electrical and Computer Engineering (2020)

All Publications

  • Multirobot Navigation Using Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes with Belief-Based Rewards JOURNAL OF AEROSPACE INFORMATION SYSTEMS Tzikas, A. E., Knowles, D., Gao, G. X., Kochenderfer, M. J. 2023

    View details for DOI 10.2514/1.I011146

    View details for Web of Science ID 001007712900001

  • Safeguarding Learning-Based Planners Under Motion and Sensing Uncertainties Using Reachability Analysis Shetty, A., Dai, A., Tzikas, A., Gao, G., IEEE IEEE. 2023: 7872-7878
  • Information Theoretic Analysis and Performance Gains of 3-Color Shift Keying IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS Tzikas, A. E., Diamantoulakis, P. D., Karagiannidis, G. K. 2021; 25 (5): 1596-1599
  • 3-Color Shift Keying for Indoor Visible Light Communications IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS Tzikas, A. E., Sahinis, A., Trevlakis, S. E., Tegos, S. A., Diamantoulakis, P. D., Karagiannidis, G. K. 2019; 23 (12): 2271-2274
  • A Cognitive Radar for Classification of Resident Space Objects (RSO) operating on Polarimetric Retina Vision Sensors and Deep Learning Nowak, M., Beninati, A., Douard, N., Lanzi, J., Lanzi, N., Hussain, R., Wang, Y., Shrestha, S., Bolakis, C., Tzikas, A. E., Giakos, G. C., IEEE IEEE. 2019