Professional Education

  • Bachelor of Science, Tsinghua University (2006)
  • Master of Science, Tsinghua University (2009)
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Princeton University (2014)

Stanford Advisors

All Publications

  • Photonic Structure Textile Design for Localized Thermal Cooling Based on a Fiber Blending Scheme ACS PHOTONICS Catrysse, P. B., Song, A. Y., Fan, S. 2016; 3 (12): 2420-2426
  • Three-dimensional interface roughness in layered semiconductor structures and its effect on intersubband transitions PHYSICAL REVIEW B Song, A. Y., Bhat, R., Bouzi, P., Zah, C., Gmachl, C. F. 2016; 94 (16)
  • Radiative human body cooling by nanoporous polyethylene textile SCIENCE Hsu, P., Song, A. Y., Catrysse, P. B., Liu, C., Peng, Y., Xie, J., Fan, S., Cui, Y. 2016; 353 (6303): 1019-1023


    Thermal management through personal heating and cooling is a strategy by which to expand indoor temperature setpoint range for large energy saving. We show that nanoporous polyethylene (nanoPE) is transparent to mid-infrared human body radiation but opaque to visible light because of the pore size distribution (50 to 1000 nanometers). We processed the material to develop a textile that promotes effective radiative cooling while still having sufficient air permeability, water-wicking rate, and mechanical strength for wearability. We developed a device to simulate skin temperature that shows temperatures 2.7° and 2.0°C lower when covered with nanoPE cloth and with processed nanoPE cloth, respectively, than when covered with cotton. Our processed nanoPE is an effective and scalable textile for personal thermal management.

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