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  • Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellow, Stanford University
  • Graduate Research Fellow, National Science Foundation

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  • Electrochemical ion insertion from the atomic to the device scale NATURE REVIEWS MATERIALS Sood, A., Poletayev, A. D., Cogswell, D. A., Csernica, P. M., Mefford, J., Fraggedakis, D., Toney, M. F., Lindenberg, A. M., Bazant, M. Z., Chueh, W. C. 2021
  • The ionic resistance and chemical stability of polycrystalline K-beta '' alumina in aqueous solutions at room temperature SOLID STATE IONICS McConohy, G., Baclig, A. C., Poletayev, A. D., Park, J., Chueh, W. C. 2019; 337: 82–90
  • Terahertz Kerr Effect in beta-Alumina Ion Conductors Poletayev, A. D., Hoffmann, M. C., Teitelbaum, S. W., Trigo, M., Chueh, W. C., Lindenberg, A. M., IEEE IEEE. 2019
  • Continuous electrochemical heat engines ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Poletayev, A. D., McKay, I. S., Chueh, W. C., Majumdar, A. 2018; 11 (10): 2964–71

    View details for DOI 10.1039/c8ee01137k

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  • High-Voltage, Room-Temperature Liquid Metal Flow Battery Enabled by Na-K vertical bar K-beta ''-Alumina Stability JOULE Baclig, A. C., McConohy, G., Poletayev, A., Michelson, A., Kong, N., Lee, J., Chueh, W. C., Rugolo, J. 2018; 2 (7): 1287–96
  • Direct Mapping of Band Positions in Doped and Undoped Hematite during Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting. The journal of physical chemistry letters Shavorskiy, A. n., Ye, X. n., Karslıoğlu, O. n., Poletayev, A. D., Hartl, M. n., Zegkinoglou, I. n., Trotochaud, L. n., Nemšák, S. n., Schneider, C. M., Crumlin, E. J., Axnanda, S. n., Liu, Z. n., Ross, P. N., Chueh, W. n., Bluhm, H. n. 2017; 8 (22): 5579–86


    Photoelectrochemical water splitting is a promising pathway for the direct conversion of renewable solar energy to easy to store and use chemical energy. The performance of a photoelectrochemical device is determined in large part by the heterogeneous interface between the photoanode and the electrolyte, which we here characterize directly under operating conditions using interface-specific probes. Utilizing X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy as a noncontact probe of local electrical potentials, we demonstrate direct measurements of the band alignment at the semiconductor/electrolyte interface of an operating hematite/KOH photoelectrochemical cell as a function of solar illumination, applied potential, and doping. We provide evidence for the absence of in-gap states in this system, which is contrary to previous measurements using indirect methods, and give a comprehensive description of shifts in the band positions and limiting processes during the photoelectrochemical reaction.

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  • Significantly enhanced photocurrent for water oxidation in monolithic Mo:BiVO4/SnO2/Si by thermally increasing the minority carrier diffusion length ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Zhang, L., Ye, X., Boloor, M., Poletayev, A., Melosh, N. A., Chueh, W. C. 2016; 9 (6): 2044-2052

    View details for DOI 10.1039/c6ee00036c

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