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  • Exploring the dependence of cell aging dynamics on thermal gradient in battery modules: A PDE-based time scale separation approach Allam, A., Onori, S., IEEE IEEE. 2019: 2380–85
  • An Interconnected Observer for Concurrent Estimation of Bulk and Surface Concentration in the Cathode and Anode of a Lithium-ion Battery IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS Allam, A., Onori, S. 2018; 65 (9): 7311–21
  • Characterization of Aging Propagation in Lithium-ion Cells Based on an Electrochemical Model Allam, A., Onori, S., IEEE IEEE. 2016: 3113–18
  • Battery Health Management System for Automotive Applications: A retroactivity-based aging propagation study Allam, A., Onori, S., Marelli, S., Taborelli, C., IEEE IEEE. 2015: 703–16