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  • Centennial Teaching Assistant Award, Stanford University (2020)

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  • Anirudh Allam, Simona Onori. "United States Patent WO/2020/186269 BATTERY MONITORING SYSTEM", LELAND STANFORD JUNIOR UNIVERSITY, Mar 16, 2020
  • Anirudh Allam, Ashokkumar Velusamy. "India Patent 3652/CHE/2012 DETECTION OF UNDER-INFLATED TIRES", NISSAN MOTOR CO. LTD., Jul 3, 2015
  • Anirudh Allam, Ashokkumar Velusamy. "India Patent 3653/CHE/2012 DETECTION OF UNDER-INFLATED TIRES", NISSAN MOTOR CO. LTD., Jul 3, 2015

All Publications

  • Linearized Versus Nonlinear Observability Analysis for Lithium-Ion Battery Dynamics: Why Respecting the Nonlinearities Is Key for Proper Observer Design IEEE ACCESS Allam, A., Onori, S. 2021; 9: 163431-163440
  • Fast Charging-Minimum Degradation Optimal Control of Series-Connected Battery Modules with DC/DC Bypass Converters IEEE American Control Conference (ACC) Azimi, V., Allam, A., Joe, W., Choi, Y., Onori, S. 2021
  • Offline multiobjective optimization for fast charging and reduced degradation in lithium ion battery cells Lam, F., Allam, A., Joe, W., Choi, Y., Onori, S., IEEE IEEE. 2021: 4441-4446
  • Pushing the Eenvelope in Battery Estimation Algorithms. iScience Allam, A., Catenaro, E., Onori, S. 2020; 23 (12): 101847


    Accurate estimation of lithium-ion battery health will (a) improve the performance and lifespan of battery packs in electric vehicles, spurring higher adoption rates, (b) determine the actual extent of battery degradation during usage, enabling a health-conscious control, and (c) assess the available battery life upon retiring of the vehicle to re-purpose the batteries for "second-use" applications. In this paper, the real-time validation of an advanced battery health estimation algorithm is demonstrated via electrochemistry, control theory, and battery-in-the-loop (BIL) experiments. The algorithm is an adaptive interconnected sliding mode observer, based on a battery electrochemical model, which simultaneously estimates the critical variables such as the state of charge (SOC) and state of health (SOH). The BIL experimental results demonstrate that the SOC/SOH estimates from the observer converge to an error of 2% with respect to their true values, in the face of incorrect initialization and sensor signal corruption.

    View details for DOI 10.1016/j.isci.2020.101847

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  • Stochastic capacity loss and remaining useful life models for lithium-ion batteries in plug-in hybrid electric vehicles JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES Chu, A., Allam, A., Arenas, A., Rizzoni, G., Onori, S. 2020; 478
  • Offline Multiobjective Optimization for Fast Charging and Reduced Degradation in Lithium-ion Battery Cells using Electrochemical Dynamics IEEE Control Systems Letters Lam, F., Allam, A., Joe, W., Choi, Y., Onori, S. 2020
  • A Novel Lithium-ion Battery Pack Modeling Framework - Series-Connected Case Study Weaver, T., Allam, A., Onori, S., IEEE IEEE. 2020: 365–72
  • Online Capacity Estimation for Lithium-Ion Battery Cells via an Electrochemical Model-Based Adaptive Interconnected Observer IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology Allam, A., Onori, S. 2020: 16
  • Exploring the dependence of cell aging dynamics on thermal gradient in battery modules: A PDE-based time scale separation approach European Control Conference (ECC) Allam, A., Onori, S. 2019
  • An Interconnected Observer for Concurrent Estimation of Bulk and Surface Concentration in the Cathode and Anode of a Lithium-ion Battery IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS Allam, A., Onori, S. 2018; 65 (9): 7311–21
  • Characterization of Aging Propagation in Lithium-ion Cells Based on an Electrochemical Model Allam, A., Onori, S., IEEE IEEE. 2016: 3113–18
  • Battery Health Management System for Automotive Applications: A retroactivity-based aging propagation study Allam, A., Onori, S., Marelli, S., Taborelli, C., IEEE IEEE. 2015: 703–16