Arnob Das is an undergraduate student pursuing an Individually Designed Major in Molecular Engineering and a Minor in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. In their Individually Designed Major program, Arnob seeks to gain a holistic understanding of the pipeline that drives research of novel molecules for next-generation applications in energy, medicine, and computing. To this end, the Molecular Engineering course of study integrates: (i) tools for molecular synthesis from organic chemistry, (ii) understanding synthesized molecules' properties through physical chemistry, (iii) fashioning macromolecular systems through materials science techniques, (iv) understanding the device physics and quantum mechanical properties of materials, and (v) applying molecule-based materials into useful structures and devices. Their current research interests are density functional theory, polymer nanomaterials for disease detection/therapeutics and degradable plastics, Majorana fermion based topological quantum computing, superconductivity and anomalous electronic ordering in organic molecules, and synthetic molecular machines.