I am a PhD Fellow at the University of Copenhagen, Department of Economics and Center for Economic Behavior and Inequality (CEBI), visiting Stanford University, Department of Health Policy in the fall quarter of 2023. My PhD supervisors are Associate Professor Torben Heien Nielsen and Professor Mette Gørtz.

I am an applied microeconomist. My research investigates how public policies affect health and fertility outcomes with a special focus on the role of behavior within networks (e.g., families, workplaces, neighborhoods). I combine Danish administrative data on the universe of the Danish population with survey data on a subsample's health outcomes and behavior.

My first project is an empirical analysis on how adult daughters' fertility decisions are affected by their mother's ability to retire earlier and thereby provide informal childcare.

My second project analyzes the short- and long-run mental health effects of a spousal fatal health event. We investigate mechanisms such as income, government benefits, gender, and children.

My third project examines the relationship between shift work - in particular night shift work - and mental health of nurses. To perform the analysis, we combine detailed, daily payroll data on Danish healthcare personnel with Danish administrative data.