I am a PhD student in the lab of Prof. Chris Field. My academic interests include vegetation biogeography, community ecology, and environmental ethics–– particularly in the context of the Anthropocene. During my B.S. at Cornell University I studied general biology and botany, and worked in the plant systematics lab of Prof. Kevin Nixon. My broadest goal is to understand the biological and philosophical determinants of where plants belong in the Anthropocene, and my current projects pertain to changes in North American vegetation distributions in response to shifts in wildfire regimes, climate, and land-use.

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  • Forest fires and climate-induced tree range shifts in the western US. Nature communications Hill, A. P., Field, C. B. 2021; 12 (1): 6583


    Due to climate change, plant populations experience environmental conditions to which they are not adapted. Our understanding of the next century's vegetation geography depends on the distance, direction, and rate at which plant distributions shift in response to a changing climate. In this study we test the sensitivity of tree range shifts (measured as the difference between seedling and mature tree ranges in climate space) to wildfire occurrence, using 74,069 Forest Inventory Analysis plots across nine states in the western United States. Wildfire significantly increased the seedling-only range displacement for 2 of the 8 tree species in which seedling-only plots were displaced from tree-plus-seedling plots in the same direction with and without recent fire. The direction of climatic displacement was consistent with that expected for warmer and drier conditions. The greater seedling-only range displacement observed across burned plots suggests that fire can accelerate climate-related range shifts and that fire and fire management will play a role in the rate of vegetation redistribution in response to climate change.

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  • Rethinking "Native" in the Anthropocene Frontiers in Earth Science Hill, A. P., Hadly, E. A. 2018; 6: 1-4

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