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  • Perspectives on the Competition between the Electrochemical Water and N2 Oxidation on a TiO2(110) Electrode. The journal of physical chemistry letters Tayyebi, E., Höskuldsson, Á. B., Wark, A., Atrak, N., Comer, B. M., Medford, A. J., Skúlason, E. 2022: 6123-6129


    The electrochemical nitrogen oxidation reaction (NOR) has recently drawn attention due to promising experimental and theoretical results. It provides an alternative, environmentally friendly route to directly synthesize nitrate from N2(g). There is to date a limited number of investigations focused on the electrochemical NOR. Herein, we present a detailed computational study on the kinetics of both the NOR and the competing oxygen evolution reaction (OER) on the TiO2(110) electrode under ambient conditions. The use of grand canonical density functional theory in combination with the linearized Poisson-Boltzmann equation allows a continuous tuning of the explicitly applied electrical potential. We find that the OER may either promote or suppress the NOR on TiO2(110) depending on reaction conditions. The detailed atomistic insights provided on the mechanisms of these competing processes make possible further developments toward a direct electrochemical NOR process.

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  • Unraveling Electronic Trends in O* and OH* Surface Adsorption in the MO2 Transition-Metal Oxide Series JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C Comer, B. M., Li, J., Abild-Pedersen, F., Bajdich, M., Winther, K. T. 2022; 126 (18): 7903-7909