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  • Reflections on a journey: a retrospective of the ISCB Student Council symposium series. BMC bioinformatics Hassan, M., Namasivayam, A. A., DeBlasio, D., Fatima, N., Siranosian, B., Parra, R. G., Cuypers, B., Shome, S., Monzon, A. M., Fumey, J., Rahman, F. 2018; 19 (Suppl 12): 347


    This article describes the motivation, origin and evolution of the student symposia series organised by the ISCB Student Council. The meeting series started thirteen years ago in Madrid and has spread to four continents. The article concludes with the highlights of the most recent edition of annual Student Council Symposium held in conjunction with the 25th Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology and the 16th European Conference on Computational Biology, in Prague, in July 2017.

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  • Read cloud sequencing elucidates microbiome dynamics in a hematopoietic cell transplant patient Kang, J., Siranosian, B., Moss, E., Andermann, T., Bhatt, A., Zheng, H., Callejas, Z., Griol, D., Wang, H., Hu, Schmidt, H., Baumbach, J., Dickerson, J., Zhang, L. IEEE. 2018: 234–41