Beth Rieken is a Ph.D. candidate in Mechanical Engineering. She has a broad research base spanning a variety of topics within mechanical and aerospace engineering. She completed work on scramjet combustion at the University of Virginia and NASA as an undergraduate. As a Stanford Masters student, she worked in the Pruitt Microsystems Lab where she designed bio-MEMS devices for cell mechanobiology research applications. Since becoming a Ph.D. candidate, she has worked in the Hanson Research Lab researching laser diagnostics for combustion applications, including a year-long project at Sandia National Laboratories. Her experience in many different lab settings has given her the perspective and motivation to pursue engineering education research.

Beth’s primary research interest is on the intersection of mindfulness and engineering. Her dissertation explored the relationship of mindfulness and engineering innovation and impact of a mindfulness meditation intervention on engineering creativity. She is passionate about expanding engineering culture to to include a diverse range of people who are open-minded, empathetic, and socially aware.

Beth received both an NSF and NDSEG graduate fellowship. As an undergraduate, she served for three years on the executive board of the Engineering Student Council and received the School of Engineering and Applied Science Outstanding Student Award.