Honors & Awards

  • National Defense Science & Engineering Graduate Fellowship, American Society for Engineering Education (2015)

Education & Certifications

  • BA, Dartmouth College, Mathematics (2013)

Current Research and Scholarly Interests

Machine Learning, Topological Data Analysis

Work Experience

  • Computation Intern, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (6/2016 - 9/2016)

    Developed an efficient projection pursuit algorithm for finding structure in spectral embeddings of certain graphs, and
    implemented the method in Julia. Selected for competitive Data Heroes program: coursework in deep learning, statistics, other machine learning algorithms


    Livermore, CA

  • Software Engineering Intern, Ayasdi (June 2015 - 9/2015)

    Improved core algorithms using techniques from numerical linear algebra - reduced the time and space complexity of certain
    computations from quadratic to linear. Created a framework for distributed computations using C++ and MPI


    Menlo Park, CA

  • Business Intelligence Developer, Epic Systems Corporation (7/2013 - 6/2014)

    Developed electronic medical record software for long term care facilities as part of a small team. Collaborated directly with medical professionals to produce solutions for industry reporting needs.


    Verona, WI

All Publications

  • High-order boundary integral equation solution of high frequency wave scattering from obstacles in an unbounded linearly stratified medium JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICS Barnett, A. H., Nelson, B. J., Mahoney, J. M. 2015; 297: 407-426