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  • Robyn Dunbar

    Robyn Dunbar

    Associate Dean for Educational Affairs, School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences

    BioRobyn leads the Educational Initiatives team in the Office of the Dean, with a particular focus on supporting school-wide efforts and department/program educational partnerships. After joining Stanford’s Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) in 1999 as Assistant Director for Science and Engineering, Robyn went on to become Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and CTL's Director in 2013, a position that she held prior to joining the new Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning (VPTL) in 2014. During her time at VPTL, Robyn led teams in faculty and graduate student teaching development, as well as evaluation and research.

    Robyn received a B.A. in geology from Trinity University followed by an M.A. in Antarctic marine geology and Ph.D. in geology from Rice University. During the course of her graduate work, Robyn participated in five Antarctic research cruises and holds the distinction of being one of the first two women to conduct Antarctic marine research aboard a U.S. Coast Guard icebreaker. By the time she received her Ph.D., Robyn’s research, her career, and her soul had shifted to the ancient rock record and the spectacular geology of the Four Corners area. Robyn was a faculty member in geology at the University of New Mexico and at Rice University before coming to Stanford.

    On the personal side of things, Robyn enjoys time with her husband (and Stanford professor) Rob Dunbar, her two wonderful sons, and way too many long-haired dogs and cats. Along with Rob, she has participated in numerous Stanford Travel Study trips to exotic destinations and enjoys the mesa country, gardening, and turning over rocks.

  • David Mucciarone

    David Mucciarone

    Lab Manager, Department of Earth System Science

    Current Role at StanfordAs a Research and Development Scientist and Engineer I take on many roles in the support of research. My role as Lab and Field Expedition Manager allows me to work closely with students, faculty, and post-docs in an effort to forward their research objectives. When at Stanford, I am responsible for the Stable Isotope Lab operation which includes the maintenance and repair of instrumentation, method development, training users, and management and synthesis of data. Field research is an important aspect of my work, I participate in field logistics and operations involving underwater, land, and vessel based research which include activities such as: coral drilling with underwater hydraulic systems, mooring deployment/recovery, water chemistry, sediment coring, deployment/recovery of underwater sensors, and perform marine/lacustrine seismic acquisition. I'm also a research scuba diver, dive master, and serve as a member on the Stanford Dive Control Board. Our research group has a 38' research vessel that I maintain and operate for our coastal/fjord and lake projects. When necessary, I design and build lab instrumentation and autonomous underwater systems for our research projects. I co-lead Bing Overseas Program Seminars in Patagonia and assist with the science diving course at Hopkins Marine Station.

  • Ryan Petterson

    Ryan Petterson

    Director of Field Education, School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences

    Current Role at StanfordDirector of Field Education, School of Earth, Energy, and Environmental Sciences

  • Audrey Yau

    Audrey Yau

    Educational Affairs Program Director, School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences

    BioAs the Educational Affairs Program Director and a Lecturer in the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences, Audrey develops educational programs and courses that connect academic learning with real world applications. In this role, Audrey serves undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral scholars in Stanford Earth.

    She is an instructor in the Earth 1 Know Your Planet series of courses designed to introduce students to the breadth of the Earth sciences. Additionally, Audrey oversees the School's undergraduate peer advisors, who advocate for student needs within the School as well as create educational programs and social events for the undergraduate community at large.

    In her role, Audrey has developed a series of Earth courses that support graduate students and postdocs in developing powerful portfolios that include academic excellence, professional skills, and personal development. In addition, she oversees the School's graduate student TA mentors, who serve as resources across the School in teaching assistance.

    Audrey also hosts a series of co-curricular educational programs that allow undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs the chance to gain practical experiences and knowledge. These include a peer-taught Skillshare series, a faculty-led Pro-Seminar series, and a variety of workshops throughout the year.