School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences

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  • Jood Al Aswad

    Jood Al Aswad

    Ph.D. Student in Geological Sciences

    BioI am interested in the coevolution of marine invertebrates and their environment, especially in relation to mass extinctions.

  • Anatoly Aseev

    Anatoly Aseev

    Ph.D. Student in Geological Sciences

    BioPhD candidate in Basin and Petroleum Systems Modeling group, School of Earth, since September 2017. Holds MS degree in oil and gas geology. Anatoly has a 12 years of experience in fossil fuels industry as an exploration geologist and seismic interpreter in Schlumberger and Rosneft.

    Current research focused on subsurface faults and evolution of their properties through geological time. Anatoly uses basin and geologic modeling tools in a combination with recent developments in machine learning for geological processes simulation and understanding of faults behavior. He is advised by Steve Graham, Tapan Mukerji and Allegra Hosford Scheirer.