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  • Jef Caers

    Jef Caers

    Professor of Geological Sciences

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsMy research focuses on the exploration & exploitation of geological resources, from data acquisition to decision making under uncertainty and risk assessment.

  • Laainam (Best) Chaipornkaew

    Laainam (Best) Chaipornkaew

    Ph.D. Student in Geological and Environmental Sciences

    BioBest is currently working on her Ph.D. with the Basin and Petroleum System Modeling Group at Stanford University. Her research interests include basin-scale deformation to address pressure and stress evolution using finite element methods and kinematic efficiencies of the strike-slip fault system using machine learning. Best earned her B.S. in Geophysics (2011) from the California Institute of Technology. Prior to graduate school, Best previously worked at PTTEP as an exploration and development geologist. Best also recently completed three summer internships with Chevron U.S.A.

  • Page Chamberlain

    Page Chamberlain

    Professor of Geological Sciences

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsResearch
    I use stable and radiogenic isotopes to understand Earth system history. These studies examine the link between climate, tectonics, biological, and surface processes. Projects include: 1) examining the terrestrial climate history of the Earth focusing on periods of time in the past that had CO 2-levels similar to the present and to future projections; and 2) addressing how the chemical weathering of the Earth's crust affects both the long- and short-term carbon cycle. Field areas for these studies are in the Cascades, Rocky Mountains, Sierra Nevada, the European Alps, Tibet and the Himalaya and the Southern Alps of New Zealand.

    International Collaborations
    Much of the research that I do has an international component. Specifically, I have collaborations with: 1) the Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Center in Frankfurt Germany as a Humboldt Fellow and 2) the Chinese University of Geosciences in Bejiing China where I collaborate with Professor Yuan Gao.

    I teach courses at the undergraduate and graduate level in isotope biogeochemistry, Earth system history, and the relationship between climate, surface processes and tectonics.

    Professional Activities
    Editor American Journal of Science; Co-Director Stanford Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry Laboratory (present);Chair, Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences (2004-07); Co-Director Stanford/USGS SHRIMP Ion microprobe facility (2001-04)

  • Travis Clow

    Travis Clow

    Ph.D. Student in Geological Sciences

    BioHi! I'm a continuing fourth-year PhD candidate, previously at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, working with Jane Willenbring on resolving rates and dates of landscape evolution in North and Central America using cosmogenic nuclides. My main research interests involve the interplay of climate and tectonics as drivers of Quaternary geomorphological processes from coasts to mountain belts, active tectonics, and critical zone science. Outside of the lab and field, I spend my time skateboarding the city streets, hiking, and relaxing anywhere with a nice view with my partner.