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  • David Mucciarone

    David Mucciarone

    Lab Manager, Department of Earth System Science

    Current Role at StanfordAs a Research and Development Scientist and Engineer I take on many roles in the support of research. My role as Lab and Field Expedition Manager allows me to work closely with students, faculty, and post-docs in an effort to forward their research objectives. When at Stanford, I am responsible for the Stable Isotope Lab operation which includes the maintenance and repair of instrumentation, method development, training users, and management and synthesis of data. Field research is an important aspect of my work, I participate in field logistics and operations involving underwater, land, and vessel based research which include activities such as: coral drilling with underwater hydraulic systems, mooring deployment/recovery, water chemistry, sediment coring, deployment/recovery of underwater sensors, and perform marine/lacustrine seismic acquisition. I'm also a research scuba diver, dive master, and serve as a member on the Stanford Dive Control Board. Our research group has a 38' research vessel that I maintain and operate for our coastal/fjord and lake projects. When necessary, I design and build lab instrumentation and autonomous underwater systems for our research projects. I co-lead Bing Overseas Program Seminars in Patagonia and assist with the science diving course at Hopkins Marine Station.