School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences

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  • Yashar Mehmani

    Yashar Mehmani

    Physical Science Research Scientist

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsI study fluid and solid mechanics in porous materials at the intersection of energy, water, and the environment. The scientific focus of my research is to understand and develop capabilities to predict and control multiphase flow and transport processes in porous media at the micron/nano scale and to translate such fundamental knowledge to large-scale mathematical descriptions useful for analyzing engineering problems.

  • Mr Joel Forrest Moxley

    Mr Joel Forrest Moxley

    Adjunct Professor

    BioJoel Moxley is a Precourt Energy Scholar and Adjunct Professor at Stanford University. Joel received his B.S.E in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University, and his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute for Technology.

    Joel is co-founder of Foro Energy and Rho AI, and he is a founding investor and board member of Zero Mass Water, Rubicon Global, Pie Insurance, and Fervo Energy. Joel is also an angel investor in more than 30 early-stage technology companies including Biota Technology. He actively invests from a small institutional fund into pre-seed, seed, and Series A financing rounds. He is a member of the investment team of Breakthrough Energy Ventures.

  • Tapan Mukerji

    Tapan Mukerji

    Professor (Research) of Energy Resources Engineering and, by courtesy, of Geophysics and of Geological Sciences

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsMy students and I use theoretical, computational, and statistical models, to discover and understand fundamental relations between geophysical data and subsurface properties, to quantify uncertainty in our geomodels, and to address value of information for decision making under uncertainty.