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  • Yongsoo Park

    Yongsoo Park

    Ph.D. Student in Geophysics

    BioInterest: seismology, induced seismicity, nuclear engineering, nuclear waste disposal, etc.

  • Karissa Pepin

    Karissa Pepin

    Ph.D. Student in Geophysics

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsKarissa explores the use of interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR), a remote sensing tool that measures mm-scale surface deformation at a resolution of 5-20 m, to study the subsurface response to fluid extraction and injection at wells, including induced seismicity, aquifer compaction, and changes in fluid flow. She also studies the InSAR signal with the goal of generating accurate time series.

  • Javier Peralta

    Javier Peralta

    Masters Student in Geophysics

    BioBefore coming to Stanford, I attended Washington and Lee University where I double-majored in geology and environmental studies. While at W&L, I completed a thesis studying the Upper Ellesmerian Sequence in Arctic Alaska, interpreting 3D seismic data to refine the geologic framework of the region.

    During my time at Stanford, I hope to utilize electromagnetic data to map sediments in the Central Valley of California. This data can be used for site selection in floodplain-managed aquifer recharge and more effective and sustainable water management.