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  • Anjana Richards

    Anjana Richards

    Program Manager, Joint MS, School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences - Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources

    BioAnjana joined the E-IPER team in April 2014. She manages all aspects of the Joint MS program, including leading the Capstone seminar, serving as the primary liaison for Joint MS students, and representing the program across and beyond Stanford’s campus.

    Anjana builds on 15 years of diverse experience designing and implementing programs in education, environment, energy and social equity. She spent five years working within K-14 education, building career pathways and programs that supported several emerging business sectors, largely focused on creating opportunities for underserved and at-risk populations. At Skyline College, she partnered with community and business leaders to develop programs in energy systems, green transportation and environmental science and created the campus sustainability program. Prior to her service in education, Anjana spent 10 years developing sustainability business strategies and implementing environmental programs within General Motors and Abbott Laboratories, and as a consultant with Arcadis and Saatchi & Saatchi S.

    Anjana’s work is collaborative and solutions focused, spanning a variety of areas including demand side energy management, industrial pollution prevention, product life cycle-focused sustainability strategies, climate change mitigation, product toxicity, environmental compliance, and social equity. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil/Environmental Engineering from Purdue University and a Master of Science in Environmental Management from the Illinois Institute of Technology Stuart Graduate School of Business. Anjana enjoys being an active parent and avid traveler to friends, family and forests near and far.

  • Burke Robinson

    Burke Robinson

    Lecturer, School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences - Administration/Finance

    BioBurke Robinson teaches a graduate course each spring, The Art and Science of Decision Making, in the Sustainability Science and Practice Program, School of Earth, Energy, and Environmental Sciences, as well as an undergraduate course each summer, Introduction to Decision Making, in the Management Science & Engineering Department. These pragmatic courses present common-sense rules and decision-making tools to achieve clarity of action for important decisions -- from personal choices to organizational decisions about business strategies and public policies. Art and science combine in the essential focus, discipline, and passion needed to make high-quality decisions, and thereby increase the probability of desired outcomes.

    Lectures cover effective normative approaches and efficient management processes for analyzing complex decisions, as well as implementing them in the face of an uncertain future world. Topics include practical ways to: interact collaboratively with stakeholders, craft an inspirational vision, frame the relevant decisions, create viable alternatives, assess unbiased probabilistic information, clarify tangible and intangible preferences, develop appropriate risk/reward and portfolio models, evaluate strategies and policies across a realistic range of scenarios, analyze key sensitivities, appraise the value of gathering additional information, and build widespread buy-in and commitment to action plans.

    In an experiential learning environment, students in these courses develop their skills using state-of-the art methods and techniques for critically analyzing some of the actual decisions being made in a variety of private and public, business, nonprofit, and government organizations. Classes include case studies of real decisions, group exercises, interactive demonstrations, and "war stories" drawn from more than 40 years of decision consulting experience. Professional management consultants and skilled practitioners of decision analysis provide guest lectures and discussions.

    Dr. Robinson is also an avid Stanford sports fan and the official Faculty Athletics Fellow for the Men's Gymnastics, Tennis, and Swimming & Diving teams. Unofficially, he assists with recruiting and supports Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Water Polo, and Cross-Country/Track & Field teams. As a Decision Coach, he advises and mentors students and others as they pursue undergraduate and graduate programs, internship and career jobs, entrepreneurial ventures, and professional sports opportunities.

    For more information and CV, please see his personal website

  • Scott James Roycroft

    Scott James Roycroft

    Lab Assistant, Department of Earth System Science
    Staff, Fendorf Program

    BioScott was raised in Marin County with a love for hiking and mountain biking along the golden ridges and through the redwood forests of Mount Tamalpais. With a growing love for the outdoors and passion for the environment Scott came to Stanford as a member of the Men’s Rowing Team where he would compete and grow over the next four years. Outside of rowing, Scott found his immediate second home in the Earth Systems Program studying Land Systems. Under the tutelage of Stanford PHD candidate Dana Chadwick, Scott studied the nutrient concentrations of Amazonian soils that led to his research interest in biogeochemistry and soil science. Currently Scott is a member of Scott Fendorf’s lab studying the temporal and hydraulic controls of uranium mobility in surface soils. As a Head TA, he hopes to combine his scientific background with his love for teaching and group leadership to impassion and educate students about the earth. Looking forward Scott hopes to continue fostering appreciation for earth’s dynamics and its inhabitants and riding his bicycle over many mountains ahead.