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  • Nadja Drabon

    Nadja Drabon

    Ph.D. Student in Geological and Environmental Sciences

    BioI'm interested in (1) an integrated approach of sedimentology and geochronology to Archean problems to better understand the non-uniformitarian Archean surface conditions and nature of tectonics. In particular, I’m interested in spatial and temporal basin evolution during the Archean to gain knowledge about crustal deformation styles and geodynamic models as well as the linkage of sedimentation, microbial activity and chemical processes in the well-preserved 3.2 to 3.6 Ga Barberton greenstone belt, South Africa. (2) Geochemical approaches to understand the effect of large meteorite impacts on the Paleoarchean environment and evolution of early life.

  • Geetartha Dutta

    Geetartha Dutta

    Ph.D. Student in Petroleum Engineering

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsMy research is on the value of information (VOI) of time-lapse seismic data in the context of making reservoir development decisions, and it is inter-disciplinary in nature, integrating decision analysis, reservoir engineering, geostatistics and rock physics. I think it is important to bridge the gap between these different fields to attain optimum reservoir development and management.