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  • Chayawan Jaikla

    Chayawan Jaikla

    Ph.D. Student in Geological Sciences

    BioI am a Ph.D. candidate in Geological Sciences working with Dr. Donald Lowe and Stanford Project on Deep-water Depositional Systems (SPODDS)

  • Renfeng Jiang

    Renfeng Jiang

    Ph.D. Student in Energy Resources Engineering

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsCurrently, my research focuses on the enhanced oil recovery using nano-particles and multiphase flow in porous media.

  • Larry Zhaoyang Jin

    Larry Zhaoyang Jin

    Ph.D. Student in Energy Resources Engineering

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsReduce Order Modeling and It's Application in Carbon Sequestration and CO2-EOR

  • Lei Jin

    Lei Jin

    Ph.D. Student in Geophysics

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsMECHANICS & PHYSICS:
    Computational poromechanics
    Computational contact mechanics
    Hydro-mechanical coupling (poroelasticity) in fractured porous media
    Reservoir geomechanics
    Reservoir depletion-induced faulting
    Fluid-induced seismicity, microseismicity and aseismicity (slow slip)
    Rupture dynamics and wave propagation

    Galerkin, mixed and extended FEM
    Preconditioner design for saddle-point systems

    Deterministic-stochastic 3D discrete fracture networks building from microseismic data, fracture data, fault image data and in-situ stress data
    Natural fracture characterization
    Leak-off test analysis
    In-situ stress and rock strength inversion

  • Claresta Joe-Wong

    Claresta Joe-Wong

    Ph.D. Student in Geological and Environmental Sciences

    BioI am broadly interested in characterizing natural systems on a molecular level, using both stable metal isotope fractionation and spectroscopic techniques. I entered the department of Geological Sciences at Stanford University as a graduate student in fall 2014. I am currently working with Professors Gordon Brown and Kate Maher on the reduction of chromium(VI), a common environmental pollutant, by aqueous iron(II) complexes and iron(II)-bearing clay minerals.

    As an undergrad, I majored in chemistry at Princeton University and worked in the group of Geosciences Professor Satish Myneni, who sparked my interest in geochemistry. My research projects in the Myneni group included developing a method to quantify thiols in natural systems and characterizing halogenation of natural organic matter.