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  • Lei Jin

    Lei Jin

    Ph.D. Student in Geophysics

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsMECHANICS & PHYSICS:
    Computational poromechanics
    Computational contact mechanics
    Hydro-mechanical coupling (poroelasticity) in fractured porous media
    Reservoir geomechanics
    Reservoir depletion-induced faulting
    Fluid-induced seismicity, microseismicity and aseismicity (slow slip)
    Rupture dynamics and wave propagation

    Galerkin, mixed and extended FEM
    Preconditioner design for saddle-point systems

    Deterministic-stochastic 3D discrete fracture networks building from microseismic data, fracture data, fault image data and in-situ stress data
    Natural fracture characterization
    Leak-off test analysis
    In-situ stress and rock strength inversion