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  • Wenyue Sun

    Wenyue Sun

    Ph.D. Student in Energy Resources Engineering

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsTraditional history matching methods are time consuming due to their need for iterant forward reservoir simulations, which makes them impractical to deal with problems like effective monitoring well placements, quantifying importance of different source of data, etc. In my current work with Professor Durlofsky, we are trying to develop a reliable and fast method which can provide reasonably good production prediction and uncertainty quantification results. The key concept here is that we adopt a data-driven history matching approach, in which forward reservoir simulations are only used to provide a production data pool during the first stage, and the following stage will perform history matching based on the data pool generated at the first stag. This method is tremendously efficient since no sequential forward simulations are needed, which makes the overall time cost to be the same order as a single forward reservoir simulation. In real practice, all simulations at the first stage can also be paralleled, which will also accelerate the whole process.

  • Yuchi Sun

    Yuchi Sun

    Ph.D. Student in Energy Resources Engineering

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsMy main focus is on prediction of short-term solar irradiation based on statistical learning and computer vision. Improved prediction accuracy is beneficial for both the grid operators to balance the grid, and the utility to bid for short-term market. Other interest include carbon storage and sequestration,energy systems optimization, and greenhouse gas mitigation.

  • Shannon Swanson

    Shannon Swanson

    Ph.D. Student in Environment and Resources

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsShannon studies artisanal fishing communities in small island nations in South East Asia and Oceania and how they are affected by tourism, marine protected areas, conflict, social learning networks, and governance structures. She is also interested in developing new qualitative methods of research using film and photography.