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  • Ramesh Johari

    Ramesh Johari

    Professor of Management Science and Engineering and, by courtesy, of Electrical Engineering and of Computer Science

    BioJohari is broadly interested in the design, economic analysis, and operation of online platforms, as well as statistical and machine learning techniques used by these platforms (such as search, recommendation, matching, and pricing algorithms).

  • Blake Eliot Johnson

    Blake Eliot Johnson

    Adjunct Professor

    BioBlake Johnson is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Management Science and Engineering, where he was previously a full-time faculty member. His work focuses on methods for proactively incorporating uncertainty about demand and supply in supply chain planning and performance management, both inside a company and in its relationships with key customers, suppliers and partners.

    Blake has pioneered the development of business capabilities to implement these methods in his work in industry. In 2000 he founded Vivecon, which delivered the first supply planning capabilities of this kind to leading companies in high tech, CPG, automotive and energy, with financing by Texas Pacific Group, Benchmark Capital and Foundational Capital.

    In 2008 he began development of Aztral (which is privately financed) to provide a fully integrated set of capabilities spanning performance management, planning, and operational execution. Large-scale deployment of these capabilities began in 2016. Now validated and refined, they are being delivered through Aztral’s highly automated “self-driving” enterprise analytic capabilities, which ensure optimal performance and extremely efficient implementation. The first capability, Aztral Demand and Forecast, launched in summer 2018.

    Complementary to his work at Aztral, Blake is actively involved in developing best practices for implementing analytics at scale in core operating processes. For the last eight years has hosted an annual event in the Management Science and Engineering Department that brings together industry and academic leaders in the field.

    Blake currently teaches corporate financial management and has also taught capital investment, supply chain risk and flexibility management, and microeconomics. He began his career in investment banking at Credit Suisse in New York, where he was responsible for several categories of asset-backed securities and led the first issues of credit-card asset backed securities in Europe and Japan.