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  • Phillip Wickham

    Phillip Wickham

    Adjunct Lecturer, Design Courses

    Bio“Entrepreneurs invent the future. It is the hardest job there is, and only about 2-5% of start-ups ever really matter.”

    Phil Wickham is a veteran venture and startup entrepreneur, and a Founder and General Partner of Sozo Ventures, a leading firm for bold companies ready for global expansion.
    He’s also the emeritus Executive Chairman of the Kauffman Fellows, where he’s helping to develop the next generation of leaders in venture capital. From 2008-2016 he served as the organization’s CEO, and expanded the program into more than 40 countries. He also helped conceive, staff, and seed-fund TrueBridge Capital Partners, and is an emeritus advisor to the Creandum Fund in Stockholm.

    In addition to his teaching duties at Stanford, he’s a Visiting Professor at Waseda University’s School of Commerce.

    He has been playing competitive tennis for longer than he now cares to admit, and was raised in hockey rinks, where he picked up this bit of wisdom from a bench coach that is useful in almost every situation: “Don’t grip your stick so tight.”

  • Jeffrey Robinson Wood

    Jeffrey Robinson Wood

    Capstone Course & Lab Projects Development Director, Mechanical Engineering

    Current Role at StanfordME Capstone Course and Lab Project Development Director
    Jeff is the ME Capstone Course and Lab Projects Development Director, where he brings his 25-year industry experience to the role. He is responsible for the ongoing strategy, design, curriculum plan and instruction plans for capstone courses in the Mechanical Engineering Department, as part of a broad effort to redesign the curriculum requirements for the undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering.

    Lecturer, ME170ab - Mechanical Engineering Design: Integrating Context with Engineering
    Jeff is a lecturer for the capstone course he has developed, where he brings his extensive experience with the industry product development process to the class. In addition to establishing budget, resource, timeline requirements, Jeff has successfully promoted incorporating themes into the course consistent with the goals of the department and university – to address the pressing needs of human society: energy, sustainability, health, transportation.

    Member, Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, Mechanical Engineering

    Innovation Mentor, TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy