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  • Lara Kirfel

    Lara Kirfel

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Psychology

    BioI am a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Causality in Cognition Lab at Stanford. My research focusses on causal and modal cognition, moral psychology and epistemology.

  • Eline R Kupers

    Eline R Kupers

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Psychology

    BioEline Kupers is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow working with Professor Kalanit Grill-Spector in the Psychology Department. Her research focuses on how visual information is processed in space and time in the human brain. She uses psychophysics, eye tracking, and neuroimaging techniques (MRI, EEG/MEG) in combination with computational modeling to answer her research questions.

    Eline received her PhD from New York University, working with Professor Jonathan Winawer and Professor Marisa Carrasco. During her graduate studies, she worked on models of the human visual system that describe the first steps in seeing (from the retina to primary visual cortex). In her postdoctoral work, she continues to work on computational models of vision, but focuses on the neural mechanisms involved in high-level vision.