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  • Jingpu Li

    Jingpu Li

    Ph.D. Student in Chinese, admitted Autumn 2022

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsMulti-Omics characterization of a 1300-year-old Qu-wine in Northwest China

    Speculation on the death of Haihun Marquis in Han Dynasty—Evidence from spectroscopic analysis of buried soils

    Analysis of organic residues in small pottery from Cha'Hai Site in Early Neolithic of Northern China

    Study on pit mud of Suixi Brewing Site in Ming & Qing Dynasties

  • Bingxiao Liu

    Bingxiao Liu

    Ph.D. Student in Chinese, admitted Autumn 2020

    BioBingxiao Liu is a Ph.D. student in the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at Stanford University. Her research interests include premodern Chinese literature, cultural and intellectual history; gender and sexuality; emotions, literary and political culture. Her research examines how emotions are invoked or invented to constitute interpersonal ties in 3rd - 6th century China. Working with official histories, commentaries, inscriptions, and literary works, her project explores the reconceptualization of identity and community in emotive terms and the signification of emotion as the legitimizing basis for a new social order in medieval China.