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  • Simon Sihang Luo

    Simon Sihang Luo

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Political Science

    BioSimon Sihang Luo is a political theorist whose work focuses on comparative political theory, contemporary political theory, and radicalism. He holds a Ph.D. in political science from Indiana University, Bloomington.

    Simon’s current book project investigates the multiple uses of the memories of the Cultural Revolution in theoretical debates in the contemporary Chinese intellectual sphere. By tracing the genealogy of Cultural Revolution memories in post-Mao China, the book project demonstrates how political actors holding different ideological positions make the Cultural Revolution a usable past as they articulate different visions of China’s political future. By so doing, the book project analyzes how the past is useful for democratic and antidemocratic politics in a rapidly changing society, and how narratives of a revolutionary historical event constitute a repertoire of political knowledge for the public sphere.

    Simon has published scholarly articles about democratic theory and global encounters of ideas. In public writings in both English and Chinese, Simon has written about the history of political thought, political emotions, historical interpretations, labor politics, and the transnational dissemination of political knowledge.

    Simon has taught multiple courses, in various roles, in political theory, Chinese politics, American politics, and ethics. At Stanford, Simon will continue to bring his research interests to the pressing issues in domestic and global politics of our age in his classroom, and offer courses related to political memories, citizenship, radical political theory, and the rise of China.