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  • Martin Noergaard

    Martin Noergaard

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Psychology

    BioMartin Noergaard is a biomedical engineer (BSc and MSc) by training from the Technical University of Denmark and the University of Copenhagen, specializing in medical imaging, biomedical signal processing and machine learning. Next, he did his PhD in neuroscience with the title "optimizing preprocessing pipelines in PET/MR neuroimaging" at the University of Copenhagen, in collaboration with University of Toronto, and the Martinos Center (MGH/Harvard-MIT). Martin finished his PhD in only 2.5 years. Martin has a strong expertise in medical image analysis and statistics, and is heavily involved in data sharing initiatives (USA, UK & EU), evaluation/optimization of data analysis pipelines for PET/MRI/fMRI brain imaging (multiverse analyses), and development of open source tools and software for analyzing neuroimaging data.

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