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  • Tracey Riesen

    Tracey Riesen

    Student Services Officer, Language Ctr

    BioTracey is the Student Services Officer for the Stanford Language Center. She is responsible for all undergraduate and graduate student-related activities in the Language Center; this includes language advising, certification of the Language Requirement, academic records for the 6000 students who take foreign language courses each year, language credit transfers, and administration of the Advanced Proficiency Notation. She is the primary contact person for students, as well as for language program coordinators within the Language Center. She also manages the English for Foreign Students (EFS) summer intensive English program for incoming international graduate students and visiting scholars. She greatly enjoys being of service to Stanford students and values working in such a diverse and dynamic community.

  • Kristina Celeste Rogahn

    Kristina Celeste Rogahn

    Academic Hourly, Language Ctr

    BioKristina Rogahn is a literary comparatist and historian of religions in South Asia, specializing in Tamil. Her research centers the shifting relations between literary and historical ways of knowing in South Asia. Her current project, "Praising Poets: A Genealogy of Tamil Devotion to Literature" situates modern Tamil literary history writing within a longer lineage of praise poetry and public discourse in South Asian Tamil contexts. Her broader interests include book history, comparative poetics, and literary critical method.