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  • John J. Walker

    John J. Walker

    Technology Administrator, JSK Journalism Fellowships

    BioJohn J. Walker is technical administrator for the JSK Journalism Fellowships. His forward thinking nature makes JSK one of the most technologically adaptable programs on campus.

    He manages all the software and digital infrastructure that keeps the fellowship running and accessible to applicants and collaborators from around the world and within the Stanford community. This includes the fellowship application platform, the JSK website and the various tools the program uses to communicate and collaborate.

    John started working at Stanford in 1999. Previously he was web administrator for the Department of Communication and the technical director of the Political Communication Lab. There he created experimental manipulations for social science research, like testing people’s responses to political ads. Before Stanford, he worked at Sun Microsystems as a software developer.

    John has a master’s degree in communication from Stanford, as well as master’s and bachelor’s degrees in computer science from the University of California at Riverside.