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  • Jacob Aaron Blythe

    Jacob Aaron Blythe

    Affiliate, Pediatrics - Peds/SCBE

    BioI am a medical student at Stanford University concentrating in biomedical ethics and medical humanities. Prior to beginning my medical studies, I received a BA in University Scholars from Baylor University and an MA as a Theology, Medicine, and Culture fellow from the Duke University Divinity School.

    I am currently interested in studying (1) the influence of norms/cultures on communication and decision-making practices, (2) how adopting the perspectives of linguistic anthropology and philosophy of language can provide insight into patient-physician and physician-physician miscommunication, (3) the impact of institutional design choices (e.g., EHR menus, policy documents) on physician practices, and (4) how the tension between patient autonomy and physician beneficence is negotiated in various sociocultural contexts (e.g., different states, different institutions, different specialties).