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  • Enrica Fung, MD

    Enrica Fung, MD

    Clinical Assistant Professor, Medicine - Nephrology

    BioDr. Fung is a board-certified nephrologist with Stanford Health Care’s Kidney Clinic and Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Program. She is also a clinical assistant professor of medicine in the Division of Nephrology.

    Dr. Fung cares for people with all types of kidney diseases. After completing her nephrology fellowship at Stanford School of Medicine, Dr. Fung served as chief of nephrology and led the transplant referral and post-transplant program at Veterans Affairs Loma Linda Healthcare System. Her extensive experience includes working with older adults and veterans with advanced or chronic kidney disease. Dr. Fung’s work reflects a passion for educating and empowering her patients. She integrates their goals of care and other aspects of advanced care planning into treatment planning.

    Dr. Fung’s clinical research interests broadly include healthcare delivery and health outcomes in chronic kidney disease.

    Dr. Fung is a peer reviewer for several prestigious publications, including Kidney Medicine and the American Heart Journal. She has also been featured on podcasts and health care educational videos. She has presented to her peers at the American Society of Geriatrics, the American Society of Nephrology, and the American College of Physicians, Northern California Chapter. Dr. Fung has also published work in the Merck Manual Professional Edition, the American Journal of Kidney Diseases, and the journal of the International Pediatric Nephrology Association.

    Dr. Fung is a fellow of the American Society of Nephrology and a member of the American Society of Nephrology.

  • Adam Furst

    Adam Furst

    Casual, CV Med - Clinical Trials

    BioAdam Furst, JD, MS, is a Biostatistician of the S-SPIRE Center. Adam received his master's degree in biostatistics from the University of California (Davis), and his law degree from the University of Colorado (Boulder). He has served as a biostatistician on various grant-funded studies and clinical trials working with diverse teams including statisticians, doctors, surgeons, radiologists, dosimetrists, epidemiologists and other investigators. He is passionate about collaborative research to advance data and evidence-based practice in medicine and healthcare policy in general.