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  • Aranyak Goswami

    Aranyak Goswami

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Human Gene Therapy

    BioAranyak earned his Master’s in the field of Human Genetics from the University of Calcutta, India. As a part of his master's thesis at the Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, he conducted studies on the elucidation of the diversified genetic effects of the TLR-9 gene in Indian population subgroups. He continued his association with the Indian Institute of Chemical Biology and completed his Ph.D. in the field of Bioinformatics and microbial genomics under Dr. Chitra Dutta, one of the pioneers of Bioinformatics in India.

    As part of his Ph.D. studies, he elucidated evolutionary adaptive strategies used by Bacillus who have adapted to a wide variety of ecological habitats, and the crucial role its members play as part of the human microbiome. He joined the Kay Lab in April 2022 after postdoctoral work at Bose Institute in India and Yale University School of Medicine in the field of computational genomics and bioinformatics on a diverse set of topics from computational human genetics to bulk and single-cell RNA sequencing. In the Kay Lab, his focus is to conduct bioinformatics and genomics analysis in the areas of gene therapy and RNA-mediated gene regulation for disease treatment. In his spare time, he enjoys creative writing, reading, and watching movies with his wife.